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2 hours of Practical English Skills in group + 2 hours of 1-to-1 + 1 Conversation Club Meeting a week.

The Premium Package includes small online group classes which focus on Practical English and are designed to prepare you for real life in an English-speaking country. Each lesson teaches you everything you need to know to deal with a specific everyday situation in English, such as having a job interview, visiting the doctor or making a phone call. This means that, unlike a step-by-step grammar course, you can join the course at any time and by the end of each lesson you will have learned new skills which will help you use English in a practical way.

The Premium Package also includes two hours per week of 1-to-1 English lessons. This is an excellent choice if you need to focus on a specific skill or topic, as we will design the lessons around your individual needs. For example, a lot of students choose 1-1 lessons if they have to complete a work or study project using English. Other students choose 1-to-1 as a quick way to improve their fluency before travelling to an English-speaking country. 1-to-1 lessons also give you the added flexibility of choosing what time of day suits you best.

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The package also gives you access to our online Conversation Club. This is a friendly and informal weekly get-together. Each week we explore a different topic, so the lessons are a great way to
improve your speaking and listening skills. Recent topics have included changing your lifestyle, food, technology and travel.

Don’t worry if you haven’t studied online before. Our teachers have lots of experience with online teaching, and our students, even those who are new to this way of studying, tell us they are very
satisfied with their learning experience. We will give you clear instructions before you join our classes, and your tutor is always available to give you help.

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