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  • Bildungsurlaub Recognition

    Bildungsurlaub Recognition

    Delivery Type: Group class

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  • Cambridge Exam Prep

    Cambridge Exam Preparation –  At ELA-Edinburgh we will provide you with the training and support required to achieve your desired score.

    Delivery Type: Group class*

    *Also available via Skype

    **Registration Fee…

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  • Combination Courses

    Our English combination courses integrate fun, well-paced group general English classes with afternoon individual classes that concentrate solely on your personal needs and objectives.

    Minimum level: A2
    Delivery Type: Group…

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  • English Immersion

    Immersion and Total Immersion Courses – they are designed for busy professionals who have a limited time to study English.

    Minimum level: B2
    Delivery Type: Group class*

    *Also available via Skype


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  • IELTS Exam Prep

    IELTS Exam Preparation – IELTS is an entry requirement to UK Universities (undergraduate or postgraduate courses) and it is also recognised by many governments and international employers.

    Delivery Type:…

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  • Pearson PTE Exam Prep

    Pearson PTE Exam

    Delivery Type: Individual Tuition or Group Class*

    *Also available via Skype

    **Registration Fee of £80 will be added to the total (it includes Pre Course Placement Level Test,…

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  • TOEFL Exam Prep

    TOEFL Exam Preparation – If you are a non-native speaker of English and you want to study a degree in the US and Canada, a TOEFL is an…

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  • Trinity GESE & ISE Exam Prep

    Trinity GESE and ISE

    Trinity’s Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) are one-to-one, face-to-face assessments of speaking and listening skills with a Trinity examiner. It covers levels A2 (pre-intermediate)…

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  • General English

    General English Courses

    Delivery Type: Group class

    *Registration Fee of £80 will be added to the total (it includes Pre Course Placement Level Test, Needs Analysis, all course materials, end…

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  • Academic English & IELTS

    Academic English & IELTS – Academic English aimed at developing your understanding and ability to use English in topic-based classes and IELTS exam preparation classes.

    Delivery Type: Group class*


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