Question 1: Possessive adjectives and pronouns


Look at the sentences.

I have a new telephone. My telephone number is 07917755.

You have a new telephone. Your telephone number is 07917755.

He has a new telephone. His telephone number is 07917755.

She has a new telephone. Her telephone number is 07917755.

The school has a new telephone. Its telephone number is 07917755.

We have a new telephone. Our telephone number is 07917755.

They have a new telephone. Their telephone number is 07917755.


The underlined words are possessive adjectives.


If there isn’t a noun after the possessive, we use a possessive pronoun instead of a possessive adjective. The possessive pronouns are underlined in these sentences.

This is my telephone. This telephone is mine.

This is your telephone. This telephone is yours.

This is his telephone. This telephone is his.

This is her telephone. This telephone is hers.

This is our telephone. This telephone is ours.

This is their telephone. This telephone is theirs.


‘His’ is the same for the possessive adjective and the possessive pronoun.

We don’t have a possessive pronoun for ‘its’; we can’t say ‘The telephone is its’.

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