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You can start any Monday any time of the year. After you enrol online, we will send you all the information regarding your next steps.

• Complete the online enrolment form
• Send us an email to confirm your enrolment
• We will send a reply with all your course and payment details
• To reserve your place full payment must be received 30 days before the course starts
• We will then send the grammar placement, writing test, needs analysis and your Certificate of Enrolment

You can also visit ELA during office hours (8.30am – 5.30pm) at:

71 George Street, Edinburgh

EH2 3EE, Scotland, UK

You may pay by bank transfer, PayPal, Credit/Debit Card online or by clicking Pay online Button on the invoice.


Student Visas

We provide full support to students who require Student Visa to study on our English courses.

There are two types of students visas available: Short-term Study Visa up to 6 or 11 months and Tier 4 General Student Visa.

It depends on the country you are from. Students from many countries won’t need a Visa to study on courses up to 6 months. For courses over 6 months, students from most non-EU countries require to apply for Student Visa.  You can check the eligibility here:

ELA-Edinburgh is Accredited by ABLS and Education Scotland and a holder of the UKVI Sponsor Licence, No. VDF5MK2U4.

If you decide to apply for a Tier 4 General Student Visa application, we will send you a Tier 4 Student Visa Application guide and help you all the way.

Visa letters are not required for Tier 4 General Student Visa applications. Instead, a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number and CAS Statement will be issued for all students applying from inside or outside the United Kingdom.

For students who need Visas, the Immigration authorities will want to know if they are genuine students and whether they have a real interest and commitment to the course. They expect you to know about your future course (information about course, school and location).
As well as that, they want to see that you will follow the course, They will want to know where you are going to live, if you have enough money to live for accommodation and food, be able to take care of yourself in the UK, if you have paid the school fees in full.

it’s important that you show the authorities your intention to follow the course as well as showing them that you are a genuine student. For this reason, you have to show the immigration authorities your Visa Letter/CAS number from ELA-Edinburgh and proof of your finances. If they are not satisfied by something, they may contact ELA-Edinburgh.

When enrolment is complete and 100% of fees have been received by ELA-Edinburgh the Visa Letter or CAS number will be sent to you (Visa letters must be sent by courier).

  • ELA-Edinburgh Visa Letter or CAS number and CAS statement
  • Proof that you have enough money to support yourself in the UK (bank statements in your or your parents’ name)
  • Valid passport
  • Any other relevant documents to support your application as requested by the UK Embassy in your country.

PLEASE NOTE: For GSV application we will need confirmation of your level of English, minimal level is B1. For example, a copy of your university diploma, certificate of English course you have completed before or any other proof you have studied English.

Unfortunately, we can’t. Permission to enter the UK is issued by the UK Immigration authorities. ELA cannot influence their decision in any way.


On average 3-6 but no more than 15 during our busiest summer period.

Yes, the “ELA-Edinburgh Certificate of  Completion” is awarded to every student who successfully completes a course of study and maintains satisfactory atttendance.

Yes, we have students preparing for IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE and CPE and OET. This is on a 1 to 1 tuition basis or in small groups.

Courses will include:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Written compositions
  • Use of Language
  • Listening comprehension
  • Preparation and practice for oral interview
  • Examination practice and technique

Our levels include Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. You can enrol on an exam preparation course (IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE and CPE) or a Business English course on a  1-to-1 basis as an addiction to your General English course or on its own. English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses are also available.

Depending on your level and preferences, we offer morning, afternoon and early evening (part-time or 1-to-1) classes. Please note, VISA STUDENTS must undertake a full-time course (minimum 15 hours a week).

A full-time course is 15 hours a week, 3 hours daily Monday to Friday, 09:00-12:30 (add 30 minutes break) or intensive courses of 20-30 hours a week, mornings and afternoons.

At ELA you can always choose Private Tuition on a 1-to-1 and 1-to-2 basis, where the course is based on your needs, time of day, availability, etc.

Your enrolment with ELA includes a one-off administrative/registration fee of £80 and it is charged to all students. Free WiFi Internet Access is provided for our students.

Students get photocopiable materials for every lesson free of charge. a course book relevant to the class and level can be purchased for a price of £40.


We provide our students with all the necessary documents in order to open a bank account in some of the UK banks.

Based on UK Immigration Policy, non-EU students enrolled on an English language course are not allowed to work. However, after Brexit, the Immigration rules may change.

Please visit the UKVI website for more information.

We try our best to help students, who are allowed to work, to provide them all the necessary information to search for a job, but we cannot guarantee you will get a job.


If you notify us beforehand, we will do our best to find the accommodation based on your budget and requirements.

ELA do not charge a fee for helping you find accommodation.

The School

We are located right in the city centre, near Princes Street and with the views of Edinburgh Castle. Our address is 71 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3EE. Most local buses will take you to Princes Street or George Street. Around the school there are many cafes, pubs and restaurants. Perfect for breakfast or lunch.

Pen, paper and passport (or ID card for EU nationals).

Come to the reception desk and introduce yourself. We will then show you where you need to go.

Normally it’s 16, but please contact us if you want to make arrangements for under-16s.

This varies throughout the years, but we have students from 16 to 60, and strongly believe in lifelong learning.

Check out our reviews on Google and Facebook and our video testimonials on YouTube.

We are accredited by Education Scotland and the Accreditation Body for Language Services (ABLS) and are an approved centre for the Scottish Qualifications Authority and for qualifications awarded by Trinity College London and the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality.

All our teachers are qualified at least at CELTA or CertTESOL level. Our regular team of 5-8 teachers have a combined teaching experience of over 80 years in 12 countries.

Yes, we have a regular programme in the busy summer period and can arrange social activities on request during quieter periods.

We are always interested in hearing from qualified, experienced teachers.


If you want to study general English or focus on speaking practice, a group class is a good choice. If you have specialist needs or an urgent deadline (for example if you have to give a presentation or if you want to prepare for a job interview), 1-to-1 lessons will be better. But it also depends on your personal choice;  do you like working with other people or do you concentrate better if it’s just you and your teacher?

Both IELTS and TOEFL are recognised as English-language entrance qualifications for universities in English-speaking countries, and both will prepare you well for academic life. IELTS is more popular in the UK, so you will be able to join a group class and save some money. Arguably, TOEFL  gives you a more thorough preparation for academic life, in which case 1-to-1 lessons would be more suitable.

If you tell us what language you would like to learn, we can organise a course for you.

Yes, we have courses leading to Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality qualifications and Trinity College teacher training qualifications.

Yes. You can study IELTS preparation, Business English, interview preparation or just brush up your spoken English on our online courses.

Our teachers are trained in how to give constructive feedback. Our courses include regular progress tests and you will receive a detailed report on your progress and your level at the end of your course.


Edinburgh is friendlier and more compact, but still gives you the range of cosmopolitan experiences you would expect of a capital city. We are near the sea and close to nature, and our UNESCO-listed city centre is steeped in history.

It’s certainly cheaper than many other major cities in the UK, and your teacher will be able to advise you on ways of saving money while you are here. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that many things are cheaper here than in your home city!

You will need a bit of practice, but most students find it easier to understand people in Edinburgh than people in London.

Edinburgh is a very multicultural city. As an example, over 90 different languages are spoken by children in the city’s schools.

Edinburgh International Airport is just 15 minutes from the city centre. There are another 3 international airports within 90 minutes from here, so you can easily travel to Edinburgh from anywhere in the world.

Absolutely. The UK has a very dense public transport network and you can get virtually anywhere by plane or bus. Glasgow is just 45 minutes away by train, while London is just a 90-minute flight away.

Be green and go on foot; it’s a very compact city. There’s also a modern tram system and a good bus network.

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