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Trinity CertTESOL update
The ELA team are pleased to announce that our most recent Trinity CertTESOL course finished successfully on November 24th.

100% pass rate


It was our second course in just five months and we can proudly announce that, once again, all of our wonderful trainees passed! It was an intensive four weeks for the trainee teachers but they all emerged as newly qualified, highly promising English language teachers.


Intensive support


Feedback showed that the trainees particularly appreciated the extensive support they received from tutors on lesson planning and assignments. Indeed, the tutors take pride in the extra support that all candidates receive as and when required. It is hard work, such as this, that helps to make our course a success!


Continued teaching opportunities


As usual, the teaching practise was everybody’s favourite part of the course. The chance to develop teaching skills with a highly motivated class is a true highlight. Fortunately, we have been able to extend these teaching opportunities and many of our recentCertTESOL graduates have returned to teach the students from their course.


Win-win situation

ELA is delighted to provide affordable lessons to our students as well as opportunities for further teaching practise/development for our graduates. Classes are taking place most weekday afternoons. Hopefully this will continue into the new year! +44 (0)131 226 6182 

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