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IELTS Top Tips: Part 1
We all know what an important exam IELTS is, and many of our students at ELA-Edinburgh come to us with a target score for entrance to a British university. For all IELTS students, here are our top tips for every section of the exam!
This week we tackle the receptive skills: reading and listening

  • Read the questions carefully
There are many different task types in the reading section so don’t assume you know what to do!

  • Underline the words that gave you the answer
Always check your answers before transferring them to the answer sheet. When you do this, ask yourself why you chose that answer. Look at the words you underlined and check you agree.

  • Only take information from the text
It’s tempting to allow outside knowledge to affect your answer but remember the only relevant information is that in the text.

  • Focus at all time
Remember listening is active and requires 100% concentration. It is hard work but switching off will cost you valuable points.

  • Predict
Use the time you get before the exercises well. It is vital, especially in gap fill exercises, that you guess what could be in the gap.

  • Keep calm
The exam writers are not your friends. They know you’re nervous and likely to put the first viable answer you hear. If you know the answer is a number, it highly probable there will be two or three numbers designed to confuse you.

Check the blog next week for our tips on the productive skills: writing and speaking

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