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Distance IELTS Exam Preparation Course
A 4-week distance learning course to allow international students to reach their IELTS goal.
IELTS remains the exam of choice for British university entry requirements. With most universities demanding (at least) a 7.0, the need for IELTS practice has never been greater. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to travel to an English-speaking country and complete an immersive course.

After consulting with our students, we created our 4-week online distance learning course to allow the students who cannot travel the chance to reach their IELTS goal.

Find more about our IELTS Exam Preparation options here.

The price for the 4 week course is £260. Currently, we offer a discounted price of £120 only for 4 weeks
You can book and pay online for this 4 week course. Alternatively, email or call +44 1316220738.

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