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CPE exam on 14th July 2018
Computer-based CPE exam on 14th July 2018 at ELA-Edinburgh
Sign up for the the Cambridge CPE exam at ELA - Edinburgh!

There are a variety of exam options for learners of English. The market is full of exams from different providers. However, for highly advanced students one exam stands out: the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).

The CPE is a C2 level exam, meaning it is suitable for near native level users. It is certainly a challenging exam and a genuine accomplishment for anyone who has achieved this level in English. The exam features four papers designed to test all elements of English:

Paper 1 - Reading and Use of English (90 minutes) - Use of English tests grammar and vocabulary

Paper 2 - Writing (90 minutes) - Candidates must write two papers and a total of around 500 words

Paper 3 - Listening (Approx 40 minutes) - 4 separates tasks that will be played twice

Paper 4 - Speaking (Approx 16 minutes) - Candidates will do the speaking tasks in pairs

When you have the CPE certificate, it is valid for life and is proof of the exceptional level of English that you have reached. In a competitive market, it will catch the eye of any serious employers.

Many candidates for the CPE have reached an excellent level of English by living and working in the UK over a number of years and find they now need a qualification that will prove their skills. If this is your case, the CPE may well be your answer.

As a test centre for Cambridge English, ELA-Edinburgh will run the computer based CPE exam on 14th July, candidates will receive their result in just two to three weeks. 

For more information email or call 0131 226 6182.

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