Student Welfare


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Student Welfare
ELA-Edinburgh is an Education Scotland Accredited provider of English languse course and accredited by ABLS - the Accreditation Body for Language Services.

We uphold that it is totally unacceptable for any young person to be the victim of any kind of abuse and understand other peoples’ children are the most precious thing they have.

Therefore we recognise the concomitant importance of safeguarding all young people (under 18 years old) in our care.
Our goal is to ensure a safe environment in which young people can learn and adults can operate safely under the security of clear guidance.

To ensure students feel fully supported, ELA has an open door policy at all levels of management where students are able to voice any worries or concerns they have during their stay at ELA. We also have designated welfare officers (see students handbook and induction) for all students. There is also a designated welfare officer for students under 18 years old.


  • If you are styaing in the UK for a long time, i.e over 6 months, we advise you to register with a doctor. (GP)
  • If you are staying with a host family you can register at your host family's GP Practice as a family guest and a student.
  • You will need to check what medical treatments you have access to during your studies.
  • This may depend upon which visa you have.

If you need a Doctor or a Dentist:

  • Do not go to the hospital (unless its an emergency).
  • Ask your host family to call NHS 24 or click here
  • Go to a local doctor (GP) or your host familiy's GP (You may need to pay a small fee, depending from waht country you are).
  • Click here to find your local doctor or dentist.
  • Give your Doctor or Dentist a phone call and book an appointment.
  • Call the school and let us know you won't be in school.
  • (*a medical emergency is a life threatening condition, e.g. a broken bone)

In an Emergency

You can call Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, Coastgaurd in the UK By dialling 999 from any phone.

Medical Insurance

We advise that ALL students take out medical and travel insurance.
Click here to check an insurance policy for students. We can include an insurance policy for your stay in teh UK as a part of the package.

UK Taxes

UK Banks

If you are here for more than 6 months you may open a bank account. Please request a banking letter from us.

UK Mobile Phones

You may use your own mobile phone in the UK & we will give you a FREE UK pay-as-you-go SIM card for it.

UK Driving Laws

Many of our long term students decide to drive or lease a car whilst they are here. The UK driving laws are very strict and if you ignore them you could face a large fine or even imprisonment. Please check here for a fact sheet about driving in the UK. In the UK we drive on the left hand side of the road

Teacher Recruitment & Induction

We have a strict selection process for all teachers and activity leaders. Their skills and training mean that they can deal appropriately with any situation that may arise and staff are required to ensure the happiness, health and security of students at all times. The induction covers issues such as security, first aid, child protection, fire drills, safety guidelines and risk assessments for activities and excursions. In addition, all our staff are subject to mandatory checks to ensure that they have no criminal record and that no reason exists to prevent them from being in contact with children.


Students take part in supervised school classes, activities and excursions during the day. On three or four evenings each week they may also take part in supervised evening activities with the school. On other evenings they will spend time with their host family and will be under their care during these times.

On the first day of their programme all students are issued with a student identity card and a school handbook which has a 24 hour contact number for the school, should the student have a problem of any kind. In addition the school offices are open during normal working hours which are 8.30am – 5.00pm (UK time) should a student or family member have any queries or concerns.

Individual Students

All young learners in groups and individual students on our courses are told who relevant welfare officers are (see student handbook and induction). They are available during office hours in the accommodation office and reception area. Our host family accommodation is normally in a single half board accommodation. We try to make sure that students staying with a host family do not speak the same mother tongue. This encourages the students to speak in English and practice fluency.

Students under 18s, including 16-17 year olds on adult courses, are clearly identified to staff and on records/registers to ensure that they receive care appropriate to their age. For under 18s, specific induction arrangements, student rules, guidance for staff and hosts (and, where appropriate, fellow students) also take account of relevant legal factors such as age restrictions on the sale of alcohol and relationships.

Arrival and Departure

All students arriving to join one of our host family programmes as part of a group are met at their arrival airport in Scotland and transferred directly to their residence by taxi, mini bus or coach. Individual students joining a residential programme can also arrange an airport transfer if they wish.

If students are travelling alone and have booked an “unaccompanied minor” service with their airline we can also arrange to deal with the arrival and departure aspects of this service on request.

Complaints & Grivances Procedures

The complaint handling procedure is designed to ensure that complaints are properly investigated and given careful and fair consideration.

Student Complaints

In the first instance, should a student have any issues with their accommodation or their host family, they should speak directly to their Group Leader as soon as possible. The GL will then contact ELA Edinburgh and speak to the appropriate member of the Student and Welfare team to further investigate. The host families should not enter discussions with the students which could lead to misunderstanding.

Contact Details - ELA-Edinburgh

Alison Noble, ELA Emergency Number: 07305778641

School Director, Olga Hutchins: 01316220738 or 2nd ELA Emergency Number: 07305 504 161

e-mail: or

In the event that the schools’ internal complaints procedure does not provide a resolution, then a complainant may invoke the ABLS (Accreditation Body for Language Services Ltd) complaints mechanism. All complaints to ABLS must be in writing in English and signed by the complainant with full contact details attached.

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