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ELA - Extras - In Edinburgh
What does it cost?
  • You can expect to pay £1.50 for a single bus journey around Edinburgh
  • A loaf of bread will cost £0.89
  • A sandwich & a packet of crisps & a drink costs £3 from a supermarket
  • A sandwich & a coffee costs £4 from a deli-cafe
  • A fish & chip supper from a traditional fish & chip shop costs around £7
  • A meal in a nice restaurant can cost about £15 per head upwards for a set menu with wine
  • A single malt whisky will cost around £4 (and you have a choice of hundreds)
  • A ticket for a theatre show starts at around £20
  • You can see a good comedy show for £5 (free in August)
  • A weekend in the highlands is about £100 with travel & accommodation thrown in
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