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Foreign languages courses

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Tuition in foreign languages, on-going availability

ELA Edinburgh is happy to announce that we are offering a foreign language tuition for adults and children on an individual basis and in small groups! The lessons can start at any time from an hour a week.

Languages available:

Spanish   Italian   French   Mandarin  Russian  Portuguese

Foreign language courses for adults 

The courses for adults are focused on culture, cuisine, history and sightseeing. The lessons are taught in a friendly atmosphere and aimed at people who would like to start speaking or to improve their conversational abilities fast to be able to use their newly learned skills at a first possible opportunity.

Foreign language courses for children

The courses for children are designed using Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) when children learn a subject in that language, so they start using the foreign language now instead of learning the language to use it later. This approach is very beneficial for different types of young learners: children who want to learn a foreign language for life or those from bi-lingual families.

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