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Pre-Masters Academic English & IELTS

Courses are for 25 hours a week and consist of Academic English for three hours per day, developing your understanding and ability to use English by participating in topic-based morning classes. In the afternoons you study for 2 hours, with other prospective university students, in our IELTS exam preparation classes.

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Academic English classes

Experienced, friendly and qualified teachers expand your academic English in the four skills as well as teach you study skills necessary for university success. You will learn how to write an academic essay, take clear and concise notes during university lectures or seminars or when working through university reading lists. You will also learn presentation & speaking skills needed to start a degree course at a UK or USA based English speaking university. 

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All students have individual tutorials with action points for future learning. Students are also helped with university applications especially personal statements.


Most universities require at least 6.0 for undergraduate and 6.5 for entrance onto post graduate degrees. In our university preparation course we teach you essential strategies for each task on the IELTS exam papers to make sure you have the best chance of achieving the score you need. All students have full mock exams as part of the syllabus, helping students to cope with the pressure of exam conditions.

You can start our Academic English & IELTS exam preparation at any time of year. If you are below B1 level you must first join our general English program to improve your English.

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A thousand thanks to ELA, they have got me onto my PhD at Bristol University

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