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ELA is an independent ACADEMY
University preparation

Our University preparation offers you a unique opportunity to develop English language skills in an academic context and to achieve the required IELTS score. It will enable you to prepare fully for a successful academic and cultural experience at university, or college, in the UK.
We work in partnership with a number of Scottish & UK universities and colleges of further education. The diverse range of institutions with which we work allows us to offer a variety of academic and vocational study options to students looking for a quality UK educational experience.
ELA’s International Foundation Year course is a cost-effective solution for students who plan to study at a UK University but whose current School qualifications are not sufficient to obtain the Undergraduate place at a University.
We also offer close support to our students to help them complete the IFY successfully by giving them access to tutorials and individual learning plans.
You will develop English language skills and get a head start in Business and IT subject areas, allowing you to study for a degree in the UK or the USA.
We are also able to help you with your University application process, should you wish it.
Minimum age: 16 years

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