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Content and Language Integrated Learning in Science
Science CLIL

At ELA-Edinburgh we are happy to offer the Science CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) programme which refers to learning English through the study of different subjects, such as Science.


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CLIL is based on language acquisition rather than enforced learning – when learners are interested in a topic they are more stimulated to acquire the language and to communicate. 

Our weekly programme of 32 hours integrates the English language into the Science field through interactive classes and full-day science workshops, as well as visits to some Science related exhibitions in Edinburgh. Learning is improved through increased motivation and the study of the language applied to a specific context.

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Situated in a scientifically involved English speaking country, in the heart of Scotland’s Capital City, ELA-Edinburgh is the perfect context for this learning methodology. An innovative educative strategy for students to enjoy!

Our syllabuses are bespoke and adaptive to suit whatever time-frame is required, whether it is for a week or a month. If you are interested in booking, please contact us at marketing@elacademy.co.uk and we will happily discuss details with you. 

Our classrooms

Our happy customers

My first language experience, it was awesome! 
Marco Zanella, Italy (Snowboard teacher)

I think that any comment is totally useless because in this school everything is PERFECT. Thank you for your attention

Stefano Lorreti, Italy

The lessons were great! I have learnt a lot!

Marco Cutileo, Italy
School Study Vacations
All-inclusive courses for school groups

ELA are experts in educational travel providing programmes packed with activities and high quality teaching. Students from all over the world have benefited from our friendly and professional team’s enthusiasm and passion to make ELA courses life-long memories for students. All courses are organised to suit the needs of individual schools and learner outcomes are integrated with exciting language and cultural trips. This ensures students learn while discovering the wonderful heritage sites, breathtaking landscapes, people and culture of Scotland.

PON Groups
Exam Preparation & Work Placement for High School students from Italy

In English

PON groups at ELA – Great learning experience, combining intensive English practice with fun-filled social activities!

The class is made up of 15 students. The schedule is divided as follows: General English 9-12:30, then Exam Practice 13:30-14:30. Exams taken are Trinity GESE OR Cambridge ESOL suite PET, FCE CAE, or IELTS Preparation. All the teachers are experienced and qualified, with experience in teaching the particular exam that has been chosen for the group. The students take a placement test before arrival, to allow the academic team to choose the best suited materials.

Model UN Training Programme
ELA-Edinburgh - Model United Nations Training Programme

This unique study course will provide a programme of English Language, confidence building in fluency and communication skills development through learning the skills required for participating in Model UN Conferences and other simulation conferences.


Work Placements for groups
Work placements and Internships for future workforce

At ELA, we have provided many English courses for middle and high school students with all inclusive packages. Our strength is in organising bespoke packages to suit the needs of individual groups. We are now offering a wide range of programmes which include not only English lessons but also work placements to help young generation prepare for future jobs or make decisions on choosing the most rewarding careers.

Film Production & Applied English
A Creative Quest by ELA

ELA’s Film Production & Applied English course takes you on a quest to discover the secret gems of Edinburgh city centre - with you as the presenter of your own video diary! Create a life-long memory of your unforgettable trip to Scotland’s historic capital.


English and Drama
Play rehearsal and performance

ELA’s English and Drama course is designed for groups who would like to learn and rehearse a play while studying English with us. The play will then be performed in front of an audience, recorded on video and taken home for the students to remember their time in Edinburgh fondly.


English for the Workplace
Preparing young people for future work or university studies

In the modern world, developing professional skills is something that all learners must consider. With this in mind, ELA-Edinburgh has used its extensive experience of teaching Business and Professional English to develop our ‘English for the Work Place’ course. The syllabus can work as a standalone course or as support to our Work Experience programme.

Science CLIL
Content and Language Integrated Learning in Science

At ELA-Edinburgh we are happy to offer the Science CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) programme which refers to learning English through the study of different subjects, such as Science.


English for IT
English for future IT professionals

When the internet first appeared, the world began to change.
Today we live in a digital society and the internet has changed everything. We work online, socialise online, and relax online.
Our entire lives have become digital and the primary language of the internet is undoubtedly English.


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