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BULATS exam preparation

ELA specialises in preparation courses for the internationally recognised The Business Language Testing Service - BULATS exam.

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Why use BULATS?

Language skills are essential to any company working in today’s global economy. The following are just a few of the ways BULATS can provide an indispensable tool for measuring and developing these skills:

Evaluating the language skills of staff within a company

A company decides it wants a complete language profile of its staff. BULATS can be used to test some or all employees. The service can also be used at regular intervals to monitor the company's language profile

Evaluating the language skills of job applicants

A company is recruiting staff to work in its international sales department. BULATS provides a simple way of testing prospective employees and providing the company with an up-to-date and accurate assessment of language ability.

Placing learners on suitable courses for language training

A business college provides language training courses for its students and needs to place them in courses at the right level. BULATS can be used to place the students in suitable courses.

Screening learners who are unsuitable for the training courses provided

A company wants to concentrate its language training on employees who are already close to the level of language required. BULATS can provide a test to screen off unsuitable candidates and so help make best use of resources available.

Evaluating language training given

The training division of a company needs to assess the quality of language training being provided by an external training organisation. BULATS can be used to test people at the beginning and end of the course to monitor progress.

Recommending suitable standard examinations for learners

An organisation would like to motivate its staff by sponsoring them to take standard examinations which provide a certificate with international currency (such as the Cambridge First Certificate in English). BULATS provides a test to help advise which standard examination would be most suitable.

To provide testing support for language audits

Language audits are being used increasingly - BULATS can provide a valuable language testing tool in carrying out the assessment of a company's language requirements.

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Trinity SELT exams
Trinity SELT GESE and ISE are accepted by UKVI for immigration purposes
from £180 to £360 per week

SELTs are taken by people who need to demonstrate their English language proficiency for the purpose of obtaining a visa to work, study or settle in the UK, or for citizenship.

The SELTs Trinity offers are:

  • GESE: Graded Examinations in Spoken English — a 6 minute (A1), 7 minute (A2) or 10 minute (B1) one-to-one conversation with a Trinity examiner
  • ISE: Integrated Skills in English — a contemporary four-skills qualification widely recognised by UK universities

IELTS exam preparation
Intensive 25 hour a week course
from £180 to £360 per week

ELA specialises in exam preparation courses for the internationally recognised IELTS (International English language testing system) exam. IELTS is an entry requirement to the UK Universities (undergraduate or postgraduate courses) and also Univerisities in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It is also recognised by many governments and international employers. IELTS is one of only two SELT exams recognised by UKVI (UK Visas & Immigration). When preparing your documents to apply for a Tier 4, make sure you have the IELTS for UKVI certificate. 

At ELA the IELTS Exam Preparation course is offered as Intensive 25 hour course, so our serious students can immerse themselves in the Academic English and exam skills 5 hours a day.

Pearson PTE
from £180 to £360 per week

Hundreds of our students have successfully passed exams at ELA to go onto university, improve their position within the work place or progress within their domestic education systems.  Preparing for and taking exams, is often an anxious and pressurised process! It's important to feel confident that you know what you're meant to be doing and are preparing in the most effective way.

from £180 to £360 per week

If you are a non-native speaker of English and you want to study a degree in the US and Canada, a TOEFL is an exam required by most to prove proficiency in English.

Cambridge ESOL exam preparation
Cambridge Exam Centre
from £180 to £360 per week

At ELA our general English syllabus is based on 'Cambridge English'. Most of the content you would need for PET, FCE or CAE would be covered in four to eight weeks of General English. Our exam preparation course is aimed at giving you extra lessons based purely on Exam strategy and practice.

You would typically study three hours a day general English and then two hours a day exam preparation. The prices below are for a total of twenty-five hours per week full time and ten hours per week part time (pure exam prep classes).

BULATS exam preparation

ELA specialises in preparation courses for the internationally recognised The Business Language Testing Service - BULATS exam.

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