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Cambridge English Exams
Cambridge English Exams are increasingly available to be taken as computer-based tests. Not only has this added more exam dates each year, but candidates can register for the exam as little as three weeks before taking it - allowing the exam to be taken when candidates are ready for it. 

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Check the exam dates on Cambridge English website and then book to take your exam right here at ELA.  

There are a number of other benefits to computer-based testing:

  • faster access to results, with scores available online just three weeks after the test
  • many students are more comfortable completing a test with a keyboard and mouse rather than paper and pen
  • test takers can edit their answers on screen during the exam
  • the use of headphones mean that students can adjust the volume to suit their needs
  • Online timer and help functions allow for best exam performance.

If you are considering taking a computer-based test, remember:

  • The computer-based test is another choice in how you take Cambridge English exams - it does not replace the paper and pen test. Other than the delivery, the exams are exactly the same, and they both lead to the same internationally recognised Cambridge ESOL certificate. Extensive research and trials have been carried out to make sure this is the case.
  • The security of computer-based exams is protected by state-of-the-art encryption and an on screen lock-down facility.

ELA-Edinburgh Cambridge English Exam Dates & Fees 2018

Cambridge English Exam Fees 2018




 PET  £85
 FCE  £140
 CAE  £145
 CPE  £150
 BEC Preliminary   £85
 BEC Vantage  £140
 BEC Higher  £150
 BULATS*  £60

Cambridge English Exam Dates 2018

PET (Paper) FCE (Paper) PET (CB) FCE (CB) CAE (CB) CPE (CB) BEC
Preliminary (CB)
Vantage (CB)
 Higher (CB)
30/06/2018 x
05/07/2018 x
14/07/2018 x x
21/07/2018 x
24/07/2018 x
26/07/2018 x
28/07/2018 x
04/08/2018 x
10/08/2018 x
11/08/2018 x
23/08/2018 x
10/08/2018 x
08/09/2018 x x
13/09/2018 x
22/09/2018 x
28/09/2018 x
28/09/2018 x
06/10/2018 x
13/10/2018 x x
20/10/2018 x
26/10/2018 x
27/10/2018 x
10/11/2018 x x
17/11/2018 x
22/11/2018 x
23/11/2018 x
24/11/2018 x
28/11/2018 x x
01/12/2018 x x
04/12/2018 x
07/12/2018 x x
14/12/2018 x x x
15/12/2018 x

*Please note, BULATS test can be taken on any day with a prior arrangement with ELA-Edinburgh. Please see more information here

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