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BULATS is a Business Language Testing Service  - a multilingual test of Business English Skills which was developed by the University of Cambridge English Language Assessment, the Universidad de Salamanca, the Alliance Française, and the Goethe Institut.

BULATS is designed to test candidates’ ability to work and communicate in an international business environment. 

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BULATS is now used by many companies, schools, universities and immigration services worldwide to assess language ability. This test may be used to benchmark English language competence, recruitment, on-going professional development, or entry to business-related training and study programmes.

BULATS can provide an excellent snapshot of the Business English skills and level of their workforce for corporate companiesand large organisations. BULATS has been used by the United Nations, Tesco, Hitachi, and GlaxoSmithKline among many others.

The results of the BULATS test are valid forever. However, as an individual’s English level may improve or decline over time, employers and institutions may require an up-to-date score.

Candidates can re-sit the BULATS test after one month of the original one, if they did not achieve the score they required. However, Cambridge recommends a minimum of 3 months in order to allow sufficient time to further improve the Business English skills.

The BULATS test can be taken at any time (with a few days' prior arrangement) at a cost of £60. 

To book the test or find more information, please check out the ELA Business website.

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"And finally all of my efforts have come to an end. Today is the beginning of a new way of thinking and experiencing life, focusing my mind on my future. I've passed my final exams with the mark I needed to enter university in Scotland. Finally, I've won my challenge, and I would like to thank all of my teachers who supported me in ELA, especially I'd like to thank my teacher and personal supervisor Oana Morgan, I finally made it! And now hold on, my future life in Scotland is waiting for me [High Hopes!]"
Simone Di Blasio, Italy
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