English language courses

English languagecourses

One to One or small groups
Skype lessons
Too busy to travel? You still want to learn English? You want a teacher who is a native speaker of English? Then your answer is ELA Skype Lessons.
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The Skype lessons are tailored to your exact needs and taught by friendly qualified teachers. Lessons can be booked to suit your schedule, and lesson materials are emailed prior to lessons to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your contact time with your teacher.

Contact us to discuss your English requirements, whether it be Business English, ESP, Examination preparation, general English or simply conversation and fluency practice.

One to One or small groups. A great way to improve your English from the office or the comfort of your home! 

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The school is lovely and hospitable, and the teacher gets everyone involved. And most importantly - my English is improved!

Kasia Kateryna, Poland
General English
English course for any purpose
from £95 to £350 per week

At ELA we place great emphasis on the student feeling they are learning and learning fast. Therefore, our general English courses follow a systematic structure with every student taking a customized placement exam, continual assessment through speaking and writing tasks as well as formal weekly tests and monthly tutorials.


Intensive English
Improve your English faster by submerging into the culture and language
from £211 to £350 per week

Our intensive English courses follow the same systematic structure as our fifteen hour courses. Intensive English students study in the mornings with additional daily classes in the afternoons focusing of on the four language skills. Occasional excursions around Edinburgh are also possible to enhance the learning experience.


Business English
English course for professionals
from £485 to £1100 per week

Do you need to get the best results out of a business meeting with your international partners?

Are you concerned that your lack of English skills may let you down during a deal negotiation?

Are you short on time to attend a regular English course in your country?

Industry Specific Business English Skills


To understand how to make a considerable progress in your Business English, download our free guide "ELA Business: English for the Corporate Sector".

To get your free copy simply fill in the free copy on the right hand side, now.

ELA-Edinburgh has a Bildungsuralub recognition for all regions in Germany

In our global age English language skills are essential for effective business communication. Whether in person or digital meetings, to written communication, English is at the centre of business and the workplace. 

With ELA-Edinburgh you can feel confident in supporting your lifelong learning, through our business focused course assured with Bildungsurlaub Recognition, that combines specialised language skills with improving General English knowledge areas of writing, speaking, reading and listening. 


Individual tuition
Course built around student's needs
from £80 to £1500 per week

Choose One-to-one classes in the subject area of your choice! We provide excellent individual tuition in both English for Specialist Purposes (ESP) courses and General English.

Students benefit from lessons designed to meet their specific learning aims! You control the syllabus.

Combination course
The best of both worlds: fun of class lessons & impressive results of private tuition
from £458 to £1100 per week

Our English combination courses integrate fun, well-paced group general English classes with an afternoon individual class that concentrates solely on your personal needs and objectives.

Evening and weekend English classes
English course for any purpose

Invest in your future and study with experienced teachers, in a cultivated learning environment with first class materials.


Skype lessons
One to One or small groups
from £75 to £900 per week
Too busy to travel? You still want to learn English? You want a teacher who is a native speaker of English? Then your answer is ELA Skype Lessons.
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